This is me in Maine

Hey book enthusiasts!  Thanks for coming to my website and blog.  My name is Avery and I am 12 and in Middle School.  I love soccer and other sports, playing the cello and piano, singing, doing art and making crafts, riding horses, playing with my puppy, reading, traveling, journaling, cooking, writing book reviews, and so much more!  I have a passion for reading and an enthusiasm for reviewing books for kids around my age.  I have been doing this for years in my free time, and now, by request, I’ve decided to create an offical blog!

The reasons I’ve decided to create this blog:

  • I love books so much and want to write about them,
  • My teachers, friends, and parents thought I would enjoy doing it,
  • I want to tell everyone about all the books I love reading.

For me, good books open up crazy new adventures in worlds unknown and I want others to experience that joy.

I will try to write new book reviews as frequently as possible. I hope you have as much fun reading my reviews as I did writing them!